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Snacks with good impact!

CarePacks mission is to help people make

healthier choices in their everyday life. 

Eat smart - it's good for you!

Healthy snack that saves the day

In a busy day, it is easy to resort to bad alternatives when your blood sugar drops.

CarePacks saves the day with exciting snack alternatives that contain healthy, quick and tasty energy replenishment. We make it easier to make better choices - at work, at home and on the go. CarePacks give more energy and save you precious time.

Healthy and tasty snacks

CarePacks delivers healthy and tasty snacks - perfect when you are in-between meals and want to take care of your own health.

Energy throughout the day

Our CarePacks contain premium products that provide energy to perform at an optimal level throughout the day, help you stay productive at work and boost your energy levels when you need it the most.

«I've been training outdoors all my life. For me, sitting inside in an office while keeping focus all day drain more energy - and then I have to refuel with the right energy to get through the day».

Marthe Kristoffersen, CarePack Ambassador
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